Fontina Cheese

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The Fontina Cheese is an "Denomination of Protected Origin" product (DOP) recognized at European level thanks to the quality of its production confirmed by old documents. The Fontina Cheese is produced only in Aosta Valley , where, owing to the natural barrier of the Alps, the summer climate is dry: this allows the growth of a rich mountain flora , made up of precious botanic essences. The Fontina Cheese is made of a milk rich of vitamins, natural flavourings without adding or taking away anything. Taste a slice of Fontina Cheese and you'll enjoy the best of Aosta Valley. The Fontina is a DOP cheese: it means that it has the Denomination of Protected Origin in all the European Union. The preparation of the Fontina Cheese is a receipt that has been transmitted in the centuries. It is exclusively producted with whole, not pasteurized milk, of bovines of Aosta Valley race. The Fontina Cheese was one of the first cheese to be qualified as "Dop".
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