Fontina Cheese

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On 12th Juni the European Union has assigned the first agriculture "Dop" - Denomination of Protected Origin" .
This recognition is very highly sought after; as a matter of fact the requests were 1.400.
318 were selected, of which 28 were Italian.
The Fontina Cheese was one of the first cheese to be qualified as "Dop" and now it's going to undertake a new phase of commerce.
Obviously who received the Dop, has got not only honours but also clear duties:as a matter of fact the Commission of the European Union confirmed that all the phases of the production must be rigorously bound to the place of origin.
This is not a problem for the Fontina Cheese Cooperative Society and for its members; on the contrary, it has been one of the qualifying element that has convinced the severe European "judges". A further guarantee that certifies und increases the value of the Fontina Cheese place of origin, that is to say Aosta Valley.
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