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Fontina Cheese

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The history of the Fontina Cheese is the history of Aosta Valley. The first news dates back to the 1200: while inexpugnable castles were built, someone tryied to make life more tasty, producing the forefather of the Fontina Cheese.
Cheeses are already mentioned in the feudal archives of the year 1267 and in the Summa Lacticinorum, written in 1477, the Aosta Valley is described in this way: "Here the cheeses are good and the pastures excellent.
They are produced in average size and rope when they are put on the fire or into the foods". A description from which comes out all the smell of the fondue.
If you visit the castles of Aosta Valley, look at the frescos of Issogne. Among ladies, knights and warriors, you will see a medieval stand for the sale of cheese where the typical shapes of Fontina Cheeseare easily recognizable. It's the sign of a tradition or, better, an art that in this land has been going on for seven centuries and gave taste to generations of people living in the Aosta Valley and of visitors.
In 1717 the word " Fontine " appears for the first time in the expenses register of the Gran San Bernardo Hospital. The same name can be found in a document of 1731, written by the Earl De Challant, member of the noblest and celebrated dinasty of Aosta Valley.
It's a word full of history, a name that guarantees at a European level the respect of strict production rules and allows to mantain both the specific characters and the organolectical qualities of the product and the secular tradition from which it comes.
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