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Fontina Cheese

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The Fontina Cheese used for cooking: as cubes for appetizers, to the classic slice at the end of a meal, the Fontina Cheese transforms every dish as unique and substantial. They can be simple toasts or rice-salads, or elaborate soufflés, the traditional polenta and Valdostana steaks, pasta au gratin and risotti: with the Fontina Cheese there's always a slice more of taste.
The Fontina Cheese is the undiscussed protagonist of Aosta Valley cuisine: the unique combination of an uncontaminated surroundings, of natural products of high quality and old culinary tradition makes Aosta Valley cooking an unique experience. Also thanks to the Fontina Cheese .
Perfect in every slice, excellent in cooking: the goodness of the Fontina Cheese has no limits. Also healthwise: it is highly digestible being rich in lactic ferments, it contains mineral salts, calcium, proteins, phosphorus, vitamin A and B.
The Fontina Cheese is a concentration of nutritive substances, in fact 10 liters of whole milk are necessary to produce one kilo of cheese. With the Fontina Cheese the gusto of keeping fit has one more pleasure.

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